Family Tree

by Family Tree

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Flightless 03:50
Just give me something new, so I'll stay Keep me from telling you nothing you'll ever say Won't I be just a breath to float on? Won't I be flightless with you? I'll keep on speaking through, to the day You tell me everything you wish we could have made You'll keep on landing to run away But keep on taking off the words that never fade I'll give you something new, and you'll say Give me a place where me and you can sound like they Could I ever be flightless? I'll give you something new, and you'll say Give me a place where me and you can sound like they
Losing focus on the way to the closing scene What to say and what to mean? Maybe words were never meant to see themselves Maybe words just can't be seen If your letters tripped and fell Do you think you'd walk in a perfect line? Do you think you'd learn to run If your feet moved back and forth like mine? Grown accustomed to the place that falls asleep With ideas left unreleased Walking in a perfect line Moving back and forth like mine What to say and what to mean Maybe words just can't be seen Maybe words just can't be seen
Into Blues 04:53
Similarity 03:02
Tilt your head To the ground Have you found your world is red? Eat your fruit Keep the stem What you have is not for them Take your hand Off your chest Flip a few clicks to the left Is a throne Just a home That you preach to heaven from? Shuffle through images clouding the view Married to comfort that looks just like you Never leave Never breathe Only read the words you need
Now and Then 03:33
I feel like a generator Pushing out all of the "doesn't matter" Now and then, two songs will play together Sounding like a better place for weather
More familiar How you tiptoed away Like a brother With his flaws on display Am I like you? Laughing out of the gate Staring outward Like you're never awake I've only heard of alter ego Translated by your imagery Am I sorry for what's been missing? Never met, never want to meet Am I sorry for what's been missing? More familiar How you tiptoed away Like a brother With his flaws on dis- Play my altered ego Back to back, but I won't


Guitarist and composer Skyler Hill’s latest release “Family Tree” explores the unspoken difficulties and anxieties of human interaction through fleeting melodic lines, exquisite dissonances, pulsing rhythms, and bombastic dynamic heights.

Hill's writing skillfully layers the instrumentation of each song, creating drama and severity in the stripped down moments, and spirited combustion in its most energetic moments.

Throughout the record, Isabel Crespo-Pardo's clean and understated yet powerful vocals beautifully interact and converse with the two saxophones that act as another speaker in the dialogue. The compositional, angular, and driving saxophone countermelodies elevate each song's meaning and intensity in an unparalleled way that sets them apart from your average “horn backgrounds.”

“Stuttered Monologue” begins as a lively song that shifts into an oscillating and urgent trio of vocals and the two saxophones. Amongst all of this restrained pandemonium is Crespo-Pardo’s unwavering voice, singing the lyrics as if they have always been timeless proverbs:
“What to say and what to mean/ Maybe words just can't be seen."

“All In One Sitting” is a stately and march-like waltz, reminiscent of composer Satie’s Gymnopedies. The opening lyrics ask:
“Did you hurt yourself when you raised your hand... all in one sitting?”,
critiquing powerful decision-makers, and asking how they can have so little thought about issues that are so large and catastrophic to people who are less powerful than them.
“In one ear and out the other, and in one ear and out the other, and in one ear and…”

“Family Tree” is an artful release filled to the brim with masterful musicianship and compositional earworms that thoughtfully coalesce into an introspective chaos.

- Lizzi Trumbore


released July 9, 2021

Voice | Isabel Crespo-Pardo
Alto Saxophone | Aaron Dutton
Tenor Saxophone | Emilio Mesa
Guitar | Skyler Hill
Bass | Brandon Broussard
Drums | Connor Kent

Drums recorded by Peter Brewer
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Skyler Hill




Family Tree Denton, Texas

Family Tree is a project based out of Denton, TX that blends jazz influenced music with quickly shifting rhythms and pop-like melodies.

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